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2kW Power Supplies Meet ICT and Networking Needs

Murata has announced the expansion of its D1U54 Series with the 2000W rated D1U54-x-2000-12, the latest in a line of slim, redundant, AC-DC and DC-DC Front End power supplies. In an industry standard 1U x 2.15″ x 12.65″ (1U x 54.5mm x 321.5mm), this Series provides 2000W continuous output power with Cold Redundant power management features. At an impressive 46W/inch3 power density and with Platinum efficiency (94% efficient at 50% load), the AC-DC input D1U54P-W-2000 delivers industry leading density, efficiency and lower total cost of ownership, says Murata. Designed for 48VDC applications in ICT (information and communication technology), telecommunications and Central Office, the DC-DC input D1U54-D-2000-12 Series power supplies match the AC-DC input series for power, size, and functionality.

Active ORing devices on the output of the D1U54-x-2000-12 Series ensures no reverse load current and renders the supply ideally suited for operation in redundant power systems. These models are hot swappable and can be connected in parallel with active current sharing.

The D1U54-x-2000-12 Series is fan cooled, with models for both forward and reverse airflow. The variable fan speed is adjusted automatically by actual operating conditions and ambient temperature. Status information is provided with front-panel LEDs. PMBus communication allows complete monitoring of the D1U54-x-2000-12 Series, including input and output voltage, current, power, and critical component temperatures. Multiple protections such as over-voltage, over-current and over-temperature are standard.

The D1U54-x-2000-12 Series is RoHS compliant, CE marked, and safety agency certified per UL/CSA 60950-1. AC-DC and DC-DC models meet the conducted and radiated EMI requirements of EN55032. This D1U54-x-2000-12 Series was developed for a wide range of applications including high performance servers, routers, switches, and network equipment, data storage centers, telecommunications, and other datacenter applications.

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2kW Power Supplies Meet ICT and Networking Needs

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