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120W 1/8 Brick DC-DC Converters for Railway Systems

Murata Power Solutions has announced its first eighth brick in a line of encapsulated DC-DC converters. The 120-Watt IRE-Q12 series was designed specifically for industrial, railway and transportation applications with system bus and battery voltages between 9VDC and 36VDC. The solution provides high performance and efficiency through advanced power supply technology for fixed frequency switching architectures.

The IRE-Q12 series offers fully regulated DC output voltage modules with 5V, 12V and 24V, with up to 120W and an input voltage range from 9-36VDC. These features meet the requirements of EN50155 for 24V nominal battery voltages including brown out and transient conditions. Extensive testing ensures that the product can withstand the harsh environmental conditions typically found in railway and industrial applications.

In addition to providing basic insulation with 2828VDC Input-to-Output isolation voltage, the fully encapsulated bricks are available with a standard or an optional flanged baseplate to optimize typical configurations for conduction cooling. Other features include on/off control with positive or negative logic, as well as short circuit, over-voltage, and over-temperature protection. Additionally, the series supports a pre-biased output at start-up, eliminating reverse currents that can damage critical circuitry.

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