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1/16th Brick DC-DC Converter Provides 9-36 VDC Voltage Input

Murata has announced the introduction of its UWS-Q12 series, the latest in a line of 50 W, 9-36 Vin range DC-DC converters. This series was developed for a wide range of applications including, network equipment, industrial, railway, power grid and transportation. In an industry standard 1/16th brick pinout, the solution provides a basic I/O insulation system rated at 2,250 VDC isolation with a fully regulated DC output. The series also offers single output modules with outputs of 3. 3V, 5 V, 12 V, 15 V, and 24 V DC all rated at 50 W. Further, with a universal Vin range, requirements for Intermediate Bus Converter (IBC) architecture are readily met.

The UWS-Q12 series provides numerous standard features including positive or negative ON/Off control, output over current protection, over temperature protection, Input under Voltage lock-out, short circuit protection, Pre-Bias protection, Vout trim, and Vout sense function. The line has a galvanic isolation barrier between the input and output of the module with a basic insulation system rated at 2,250 VDC. Each converter is designed to deliver 50 W of power with efficiencies reaching 91 percent on the 5 V, 12 V, 15 V and 24 Vout versions and 89.5 percent on the 3.3 Vout model. Given this level of design flexibility, greater operating and cost efficiencies are realized.

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1/16th Brick DC-DC Converter Provides 9-36 VDC Voltage Input

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