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µHVIC Family with New Single-Channel Low-Side Drivers

Infineon Technologies expanded its µHVIC family of integrated circuits for high and low voltage. The new IR44252L, IR44272L, and IR44273L single channel low-side drivers enable highly effective design solutions. Using Infineon’s high-voltage junction isolation (HVJI) technology, the small driver ICs are complementary with other µHVIC parts and serve as a viable solution for flexible PCB layouts across a variety platforms.Infineon - IOR_SOT23-5L

In addition to the tiny SOT23 packages, the drivers feature a wide VCC range of 5  to 20 V, an enable input (IR44272L), and dual output pins (IR44252L and IR44273L). The typical source current and sink current of the IR44252L is specified with 300 and 550 mA, 1.7 A/1.5 A for the IR44272L and IR44273L,respectively. The new low-side drivers offer VCC Under Voltage Lock Out (UVLO) protection and fast switching. Typical turn-on and turn-off propagation delay is 50 ns and typical turn-on rise time and turn-off fall time down to 10 ns (IR44273L and IR44272L). In addition, the new devices are 3.3-V logic compatible and provide CMOS Schmitt-triggered inputs.

The seven-device driver IC family offers easy-to-implement building blocks for frequently used circuit elements. Apart from the new low-side drivers, the family includes the IRS25752L, IRS20752L, and IRS10752L (600 V, 200 V and 100 V) single channel high-side drivers and the IRS25751L high-voltage start-up IC (480 V). µHVIC family production samples are now available.

Source: Infineon Technologies

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µHVIC Family with New Single-Channel Low-Side Drivers

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