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Heilind Electronics Introduces the JAE JN13 Plastic Low-Profile Waterproof Connector Series

Heilind JAE JN13
Written by Kirsten Campbell

Enhanced connectivity in a waterproof, space-saving, hybrid design

Heilind Electronics, a premier global distributor of electronic components, is featuring the JAE JN13 Series of connectors. This innovative all-plastic, low-profile connector is tailored for compact servomotors with metal housings, offering a hybrid solution that consolidates power, ground, and signal lines into a singular, space-efficient housing.

With an IP67 rating, the JN13 ensures waterproof integrity when mated. The design incorporates crimp termination contacts and a screw-fastened mating method to provide vibration resistance, ensure a dependable seal, and built-in grounding structure. The versatile JN13 further features a plug hood with a 180° selectable cable exit.

Applications and industries for the JN13 series include servomotors, robotics, industrial tools, and various other industrial applications.

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Heilind Electronics Introduces the JAE JN13 Plastic Low-Profile W…

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