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A Tribute to Technology Pioneer Bob Lally

Bob Lally, founder of PCB Piezotronics, and a co-founder of the original Kistler Instrument Company, passed away recently at the age of 93. In addition to Bob’s legendary technical contributions, he will be remembered for his brave military service during World War II and post-retirement work in STEM.

Throughout his career, Bob’s R&D work was awarded multiple U.S. patents, including for the modally-tuned piezoelectric impact hammer, pendulum hammer calibrator, and gravimetric calibrator. He was most renowned, however, for his successful commercialization of a two-wire accelerometer with built-in electronics, known as integrated circuit piezoelectric, or ICP, which made the sensors lower cost, easier to use and more compatible with industrial environments.

For more on Bob Lally’s story read “Celebrating the Life of a True Industry Pioneer” on Sensors Online.

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A Tribute to Technology Pioneer Bob Lally

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