Gumstix Adds NXP SCM-i.MX 6D/Q Support

Gumstix, a provider of design-to-order embedded boards, has announced the release of the NXP Semiconductor SCM-i.MX 6Quad/6Dual Single Chip System Module (SCM) to the Geppetto D2O design library and the Gumstix Cobalt MC (Media Center) development board. The NXP SCM-i.MX 6D/Q [Dual, Quad] Core SCM combines the i.MX 6 quad- or dual-core applications processor, NXP MMPF0100 power management system, integrated flash memory, over 100 passives and up to 2 GB DDR2 Package-on-Package RAM into a single-chip solution.

QWKS-SCMIMX6-REVCEmbedded systems developers can, in minutes, design and order SCM-powered hardware combining their choices of network connection, communication bus, and hardware features. During the design process, users can compare alternatives for features and costs, create multiple projects and receive complete custom BSPs and free automated documentation. Designers can go straight from a design to an order in one session with no engineering required.

The NXP SCM is equipped with a wide range of I/O, multimedia processing, and connectivity features. Condensing it, a feature-rich power management IC and over 100 passive circuit elements into a single package, the SCM-i.MX 6Quad/6Dual greatly reduces the SoC’s cumulative footprint. The feature-rich Gumstix Cobalt MC single board computer shows off some of the best multimedia features of the NXP SCM with CSI2 camera, native HDMI, and audio, and connects over Gbit Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The Gumstix Cobalt MC source description is available in Geppetto for any Geppetto user to copy and modify the board to meet their specific device requirements in minutes.

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