FDMA Digital PMR Chipset


CMX7131/CMX7141 FDMA dPMR chipset

Built on CML’s flexible FirmASIC technology, CMX7131/CMX7141 Frequency Division Multiple Access (FDMA) digital private mobile radio (dPMR) processors now include direct connection to the CMX994 direct conversion receiver IC. The chipset enables a single radio platform to deliver multiple dPMR systems.

Several CMX7131/CMX7141 function images support direct connection to the CMX994 DCRx IC. Function images include a comprehensive feature set and encompass much of each system air interface, minimizing the overall host support required. DCRx enables on-chip integration, so a small RF receiver can be produced with minimal external components.

The combination of the CMX7131/CMX7141 and CMX994 enables a high-integration, multi-standard FDMA D/A PMR that is well suited for next-generation FDMA dPMR radio designs. The CMX7131/CMX7141 and function images are available with low-power 3.3-V operation in small VQFN/LQFP packaging.

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CML Microcircuits, Plc

Low-Power Mini-ITX Motherboard

Habey HB131 mini-ITX motherboard.

Habey HB131 mini-ITX motherboard.

The HB131 mini-ITX motherboard is based on the low-power Intel Atom Cedar Trail platform. The small, 170-mm × 170-mm motherboard is high-performance, reliable, secure, and easy to manage. The platform is well-suited for point-of-sale, self-service terminals, queue machines, and digital signage.

The dual-core Atom D2550 processor is offered with Intel’s NM10 chipset. It features lower power consumption and more enhanced graphics than previous Atom processors.

The motherboard is equipped with dual gigabit LAN ports and rich I/O. Additional features include Wake-on-LAN, a 1-to-~255-level watchdog timer, and shared system memory as video memory.

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