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Figure 1 I was a bit surprised to find that a digital pressure/vacuum sensor (-1bars to +2bars, or about -15psi to +30psi) was available for less than $20. This has three connections: +5V, ground, and Vout. Full scale has a nominal output of between 0.5V and 4.5V. Voltages outside this range may be interpreted as an error. A mechanical gauge for the same range was less than $16.

Under Pressure?

May the Force Be with You Electronic pressure sensors detect critical pressure changes in applications as varied as automobile engine oil pressure and airflow in clean rooms. Using an electromagnetic vaccum/pressure sensor and a PIC16F18313 microcontroller (MCU), in this month’s project, I build an I2C peripheral for monitoring the backwashing cycles of the filtration/softening system […]
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