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Figure 1—Don’t be afraid of complex numbers. They have two coordinates (a and b), and they are usually represented as a + ib or a + jb. It is a convenient way to represent a given sinusoidal function with an amplitude A and phase ϕ. The representation can be either a single point on the complex plane or the sum of its inphase and quadrature-phase coordinates. If you love math, just remember that cos(a – b) = cos(a)cos(b) + sin(a)sin(b).

No Fear with FIR

Put a FIR Filter to Work Working with finite impulse response (FIR) filters isn’t black magic. Robert covers the basics and touches on the mathematical concepts you’ll need to understand in order to put a FIR filter to work. Welcome to the darker side! Because this month’s theme is signal processing, I scratched my head […]
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