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Wearable Devices

Written by Michael Lynes
A Brave New World Topics Discussed What are some new wearable devices? What are trends in the smart wearables market? What is the future of wearable technology? Tech Used Smart textiles Softmatter McLear RingPay SmartSole Ouraring Upright Abilify MyCite Neosensory Clarify Neosensory Duo Neosensory Sound Awareness Good morning fellow Cellar Dwellers! My smart watch just reminded me that spring has sprung, April showers are done, May flowers are in bloom, and there seem to be a bunch of Pilgrims tramping through the neighborhood selling used muskets, or something. So, stretching my analogy to the absolute breaking point, it’s time to shut down the oscilloscope, push back from the bench, stumble your way up out of the cellar, and explore! The weather forecast is calling for warmth and sun. Summer is almost here, and your pasty complexion and the fifteen pounds of “lab flab” that your Fitbit has been nagging you about aren’t going to cure themselves. Map an easy hiking route on your iPhone, dig the smart socks and that heart monitor vest that your significant other gave you two Christmases ago out of the back of your closet, take a moment to pair your Bluetooth-enabled, body-temperature-sensing Air Pods with your Apple Watch Ultra, and venture forth (avoiding the Pilgrims of course). If you stick with the program and follow the exercise advice from all your smarter-than-you devices, in no time you’ll be toned, tanned, and svelte, ready to hit the beach with your waterproof sunglass-camera-combo live-streaming your latest seashell discoveries to the interwebs. Ahh—paradise. All the above is possible because of the technology we are going to cover in this month’s Technology Feature topic: wearable devices, or “wearables,” as they are known. Similar in some ways to their cousins, the IoT sensors and controls that make our homes and buildings smart, this Internet-of-Things subspecies might be b
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Wearable Devices

by Michael Lynes time to read: 12 min