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Analog IC Advances Target Industrial Automation

Written by Jeff Child
Factory Focus Analog and mixed-signal ICs play important roles in industrial automation and process control applications. These systems applications depend heavily on innovations in amplifiers, data converters, sensor solutions and more. Today’s factory environments are filled with motors to control, sensors to link with and measurements to automate. Recognizing the opportunities in those industrial systems, analog and mixed signal IC vendors are keeping pace by rolling out diverse solutions to meet those needs. With all that in mind, over the past 12 months, manufacturers of analog ICs have released a rich variety of chips to meet a diverse set of industrial needs. These products include high-precision amplifiers, converters, sensor technologies and more. PRECISION VOLTAGE SENSINGExemplifying these trends, in October, Texas Instruments (TI) put its focus on voltage sensing for industrial systems when it introduced a reinforced isolated amplifier. The company claims that the devices provide the industry’s highest precision and working voltages and longest lifetime reliability. The combination of better nonlinearity, lower offset and gain error and higher temperature stability, is expected to enable engineers to overcome performance limitations and design high-precision systems. The new amplifier is designed for isolated voltage sensing in factory automation and control, grid infrastructure, rail transport and motor drive applications. TI’s capacitive isolation technology enables long lifetimes and 50% higher working voltages than required by isolation industry standards, common-mode transient immunity (CMTI) of up to 80 kV/µs and robust operation over an extended industrial temperature range of -55°C to +125°C. The high-precision ISO224 (Figure 1) enables more accurate measurements of ±10-V signals, which are widely used in industrial applications, with 25% better nonlinearity, eight times lower gain error, lower offset drift and faster
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Analog IC Advances Target Industrial Automation

by Jeff Child time to read: 12 min