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Device Monitors Home Air-Quality and CO2

Written by Andrei Florian
The IntlAir Project Indoor air can be filled with high amounts of carbon dioxide as well as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), both harmful to our health. With that in mind, Andrei built a smart air purifier made using IoT technologies that cleans the air automatically whenever excessive impurities are detected and controls a fan when CO2 levels are high. Topics Discussed How to build a smart air purifier made using IoT technologiesHow the frontend and backend workHow to connect the componentsHow to use a streaming job to extract the data from the IoT Hub How to mount the unitHow to develop the dashboard Tech Used Azure Sphere MT3620 development board from Farnell MikroE Air Quality Click 4 MikroE Relay Click 1 Power bankMicrosoft Visual StudioAzure Sphere SDK People spend much of their day at home—they wake up, go to work, then come back and stay until the next day. We all try to beautify our home environment by filling it with (sometimes extravagant) furniture and flowers. But we pay much less attention to the air inside our homes. Studies show that the indoor air we breathe in most of the day is 3 to 4 times more polluted than the air outside our house. This refers to the higher amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) as well as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are harmful for our lives. According to studies, the presence of CO2 in excessive amounts can lead to a lower level of concentration. This is because a higher level of CO2 replaces the oxygen that should be present in the air, reducing the oxygenation of the brain and leading to reduced brain function. Meanwhile, VOCs also have an impact on human health. Studies show that more than 30% of households have excessive levels of VOCs. These can lead to problems such as difficulty breathing and lengthened exposure can lead to nasal cancer. So, what can we do to make our home environment healthier? Air purifiers can filter the VOCs out of the air easily. But there is a catc
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Device Monitors Home Air-Quality and CO2

by Andrei Florian time to read: 18 min