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Building a COVID Test Drone – Part 1

Written by Andrei Florian
Components and Connectivity In this two-part article series, Andrei details his CovidTestDrone project—a drone delivery system that allows individuals to receive a self-administered lower nasal swab COVID-19 test at home via a drone and then return the sample to the lab via the same drone after administering the swab. In Part 1, he describes the components, the connectivity and assisting applications for the project. Topics Discussed How to build a COVID-19 test drone delivery systemWhat is the COVID-19 test drone delivery process?How the customized COVID19 test container worksWhat are the component and service costs of the system?How to design the custom PCB for the containerHow the basestation plays a role in the system Tech Used NXP's XP HoverGames drone kitTelemetry Radio from HolybroDrone battery from HRBArduino MKR GSM 1400Power Bank from KSIXKeypad from KitronikServo from KitronikLogic Level Converters from Aliexpress Nav-Q Computer from EMCraftHologram SIMMicrosoft's IoT Central My CovidTestDrone project enables self-administered COVID-19 tests to be delivered within minutes to patient’s homes via drone delivery and returned to the lab to be analyzed (Figure 1). There is no need for patients to leave their homes nor get into contact with other individuals to get tested. Tests can be provided on-demand meaning that there is no need to wait to get symptoms checked by a general practitioner (GP) in order to get tested. Finally, the tests provided are precise and non-invasive, creating an overall great user experience. FIGURE 1 - The CovidTestDrone drone. Container is open showing the COVID-19 test kit inside. The year is 2021—a year that I am quite sure will be imprinted in our history books. This year and 2020 have been unlike any we have experienced before. We were struck by a blight that nobody saw coming: a virus that threatened our species and science was our best defense. Science is in the frontline of the pandemic. Peo
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Building a COVID Test Drone – Part 1

by Andrei Florian time to read: 25 min