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A New Option for Renewable Backup Energy

Figure 10 The PhotoPod micro converter
For Solar Power and Batteries Solar power and battery technologies play an important role in renewable energy resources, whereas the PhotoPod can be a useful device for renewable backup. Topics Discussed What is the limitation of electric vehicle batteries?How would the PhotoPod work?How do I measure input current readings with the highest accuracy?How to utilize a microcontroller?How to design the flyback converter?How to utilize PhotoPod for harsh environments and help prolong the lifespan? Tech Used EV batteryGeneration 1 Nissan Leaf battery packSolar panelSolar micro-converterArduino UnoDC-DC converterIP67 (waterproof rating)Flyback converterWurth Elektronik 750311771 TransformersINA126 Instrumentation AmplifierUCC27322P Driver Chip Although electric vehicles (EVs) are an environmental upgrade over the widespread internal combustion engine, some outlying concerns and drawbacks still limit the potential of EVs. The production and eventual disposal of EV batteries is an increasing problem for both the lithium mining industry and recycling plants. With EVs' huge increase in popularity over the past decade and an approximate lifespan of 10-20 years for EV batteries [1], many of the batteries are now being decommissioned and frequently end up in landfills. This is their fate, even though these batteries still retain the majority of their storage capacity, which is completely suitable for certain uses, but perhaps not ideal for an EV (due to decreased driving range). We set out to design a product that would enable a longer lifespan for these batteries, through their repurposing and reuse. Our device, the PhotoPod, is a solar micro-converter, capable of charging an end-of-life EV battery directly from a solar panel, for recreational use or residential backup power. This device converts 12VDC to 24VDC from a solar panel to ~400VDC, aimed at charging a Generation 1 Nissan Leaf battery pack. We built this project anticipating a future increase in e
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A New Option for Renewable Backup Energy

by Nicholas Lockwood, Philip Shuck, Daniel Pedro, and Navin Francis time to read: 10 min