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January Circuit Cellar: Sneak Preview

Happy New Year! Coming next week: the January issue of Circuit Cellar in both print and digital! Here’s a sneak peek: Embedded PCs for transportation, Access control security, data acquisition, MCU-based lab gear, PLC pool system, DevSecOps, IR-based LEGO project. This 84-page magazine buckles you up for sweet ride of embedded technology articles for you to read.

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Here’s a sneak preview of January 2022 Circuit Cellar:


Embedded PCs for Transportation Systems
By Jeff Child
By improving fleet management, monitoring and infotainment, intelligent transportation systems continue to provide a richer set of functionalities for today’s vehicles. Embedded PC vendors are keeping pace with highly integrated, high-performance box-level systems. Circuit Cellar Chief Editor Jeff Child looks at the latest technology trends and products relevant to these applications.

Microprogramming Choices Explained (Part 1): The Microprogram Control Unit
By Wolfgang Matthes
In this two-part series, Wolfgang takes a deep dive into the concepts and design approaches in microprogramming. In Part 1, he looks at the basics of implementing a microprogram control unit on an FPGA and how it contrasts with a purchased MCU or IP core.

Designing MCU-Based Lab Instruments: Using the Cypress PSoC5LP MCU
By Brian Millier
Brian has lots of experience designing lab instruments from his university days. But that was before modern MCUs were available that have rich sets of analog functions on-chip. Here, Brian steps through how to design lab instruments using the Cypress PSoC5LP MCU.


Developing Secure Embedded Systems: By Shifting Left with DevSecOps
By Mark Pitchford, LDRA
In this era of connected systems, developing secure embedded software is a real challenge. In this article, LDRA’s Mark Pitchford explains how using DevSecOps principals help you “shift left” by designing and testing for security early and continuously in each software integration.

Data Acquisition Alternatives
By Jeff Child
While the basics of data acquisition remain the same, its interfacing technology keeps evolving and changing. USB and PCI Express brought data acquisition off the rack, and onto the lab bench top. Today solutions are emerging that leverage Mini PCIe, Thunderbolt and cloud-based connectivity. Circuit Cellar’s Editor-in-Chief, Jeff Child, dives into the latest technology trends and product developments in data acquisition.

Testing Timing Attacks on Access Control
By Colin O’Flynn
How do you apply attacks to complete systems, and how do you test systems you might use in your day-to-day life? In this article, Colin discusses how he confirmed that an access control system he was considering to use doesn’t have a timing attack present.


Home Air Quality Monitoring (Part 1): Using Nordic’s nRF5340 Dev Kit
By Raul Alvarez-Torrico
Raul begins his multi-part article series on building a home air quality monitoring system comprised of an IoT device, an Android mobile app and a web server application. The IoT device is based on Nordic Semi’s nRF5340 dev kit.

Build an IR-Based LEGO Train Controller (Part 1)
By Jeff Bachiochi
Near-wavelength IR is a technology we use every day, but how it actually works in an embedded control application is fascinating. Jeff explains. He then makes use of LEGO’s sets of electronic components and other devices to build an IR-based controller for LEGO IR remote-controlled trains.

PLC-Based Swimming Pool System: The PoolOS Project
By Alexander Pozhitkov, PhD
When Alexander wanted to automate the pump and heater for his swimming pool, he found it was a complex problem. His solution was to develop a program called PoolOS that runs on a PLC. The system automates the operations of the heater and pump over a 24-hour period or for short periods on on-demand.

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January Circuit Cellar: Sneak Preview

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