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Guitar Game Uses PIC32 MCU

Shred Master Guitar Hero has been an extremely popular game for decades. Many college students who played it when they were kids still enjoy playing it today. These three Cornell undergrads are just such fans. Learn how they used Microchip’s microcontroller and 12-bit DAC to craft their own version, called Shred Master, that lets them play any song they wish by using MIDI files. Topics Discussed How to design a PIC32-MCU-based Guitar gameHow to use MIDI files to store music notesHow to use DDS to playback music on a PIC32How to use Mido Python library to parse the MIDI filesHowto build a pushbutton user interface How to integrate a compact TFT LCD Tech Used Microchip PIC32MX250F128B MCUMicrochip MCP4822 12-bit DAC 320×240 resolution TFT LCDAssortedbutton switches from Adafruit BreadboardSpeakers Introduced in 2005 by RedOctane and Activision, the Guitar Hero [1] series quickly became popular. Guitar Hero II became the fifth best-selling game of 2006 [2] and Guitar Hero III the fourth best-selling game of 2007 [3]. For those unfamiliar with it, Guitar Hero expands beyond a mere “air guitar,” instead incorporating a guitar-style controller—with push buttons for frets and a strummer-style switch. Each game includes a predefined “setlist” from which the user can select and play songs. Although Guitar Hero was initially released in our elementary-school years, we still find ourselves playing it today. Yet, we always found the setlist limiting. As a group of music-loving Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) students, we set out to create our own version that could play any song we wish. Our solution is called Shred Master. Shred Master achieves this goal by utilizing MIDI files, which store information regarding the notes and timing. We parsed the MIDI files for the MIDI messages containing the notes to play, so that we could play the songs back using direct digital synthesis (DDS) on the PIC32. Many songs have free MIDI files
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Guitar Game Uses PIC32 MCU

by Brian Dempsey, Katarina Martucci and Liam Patterson time to read: 13 min