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Understanding the Ultra96 Board (Part 1)

Written by Nishant Mittal
The Hardware Prototyping boards are an important tool for the creative system design process. Nishant is a particular fan of the Ultra96-V2, an Arm-based, Xilinx Zynq UltraScale and MPSoC development board based on the 96Boards open specification. In this two-part article series, Nishant takes a deep dive into the Ultra96 board and how to get started using it for development. Part 1 explores the hardware aspects of the board. Topics Covered How to understand the hardware features of the Ultra96-V2 boardThe overall design and form factorHow does the voltage regulation work n the Ultra96?The Wi-Fi module on the Ultra96 Tech Discussed Ultra96-V2 board from AvnetPYNQ software from XilinxZynqMP FPGA: Xilinx part number: XCZU3EG-1SBVA484IPetaLinux PMIC regulators IRPS5401MTRPBF and IR38060MTRPBF from InfineonFixed-voltage regulators from ON Semiconductor: NCP177AMX180TCG, NCP134AMX090TCG and NCP716MT33TBG.Programmable clock generator from Renesas Electronics: 5P49V6975A114LTGI.LPDDR4 DRAM from Micron Technology Prototyping boards and evaluation boards are a critical part of any embedded system design. These boards are like scribble paper for a system designer, enabling them to put a design idea into action before proposing it to customers, or to develop custom hardware for deployment customers. For my part, I've been using a variety of prototyping boards in the past. In my Circuit Cellar articles, I've discussed Cypress PSoC boards, Arduino boards and Raspberry boards. For quite some time, I've been using the Ultra96 board from Avnet that sports a Xilinx FPGA. In this two-part article series, I'll do a deep dive into this board, and hopefully this will help you get started without doing much research on it. The deeper motive of this article is to make people aware of various circuit and board details that are necessary for crafting an error free design. In this first part of this article series, I'll explore the hardware aspects of the
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Understanding the Ultra96 Board (Part 1)

by Nishant Mittal time to read: 9 min