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Build IoT Secure Apps with AWS Services

AWS IoT EduKit Overview AWS IoT EduKit helps students and experienced professionals to build IoT applications by simplifying hardware selection and supporting a wide range of software frameworks. Topics Discussed What is the AWS IoT EduKit learning program?How does the cloud connect to Blinky?How does the AWS IoT Core platform exchange?How does the "Core2" device work?How does the Smart-Thermostat work? Tech Used Core2 ESP32 IoT Development KitMicrochip ATECC608B Trust&GOInvenSense MPU6886 6-axis IMUSPM1423 digital microphoneProgrammable SK6812 RGB LED500mAh lithium-ion batterySiliconCP2104 USB-to-UART bridge chip When thinking about developing Internet of Things (IoT) applications, security is the main concern—especially for systems that will be used for commercial, industrial, medical, and other safety-critical applications. Another important aspect to consider is the simplification of the embedded firmware development process and integration with cloud services. Streamlining the process of writing, compiling, and testing embedded firmware can help developers focus mainly on creating solutions. It is also of great importance to facilitate large-scale deployments because some IoT solutions require the use of a large number of nodes. To address some of these concerns, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has created the AWS IoT EduKit learning program, as an easy and cost-effective way to learn how to build secure IoT applications using AWS services. The AWS IoT EduKit learning program proposes the use of a reference hardware kit that comes packed with many onboard features at a reasonable cost. It includes a range of software frameworks, libraries, and sample code in the form of learning tutorials. The reference hardware is the Core2 ESP32 IoT Development Kit, developed and manufactured by M5Stack and adopted by AWS for this program. In this article, I present an overview of AWS IoT EduKit’s first three introductory tutorials, outlining its p
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Build IoT Secure Apps with AWS Services

by Raul Alvarez Torrico time to read: 16 min