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Witekio Launches “The Embedded Kit” Company with a Linux product portfolio

Witekio The Embedded Kit
Written by Kirsten Campbell

The Embedded Kit is the All-in-One toolkit device-makers need to build, connect, test, and secure any custom embedded Linux system

With demand for custom Linux systems at an all-time high, Witekio, an international
embedded software company, has today announced the launch of The Embedded Kit, a
new spinoff brand which will focus solely on selling off-the-shelf Linux software tools.

The Embedded Kit product portfolio includes four software tools designed to build,
connect, test, and secure any custom embedded Linux system. Each tool is available
for purchase individually, or as a package, and will include the full source code.

As part of the launch event at SIDO Lyon, The Embedded Kit collaborated with
STMicroelectronics on the development of a new EV charging demonstration. The
demo aims to showcase the benefits of the BSP pre-integration options of the software,
now available on the STM32MP1 family of products.

Talking at the launch, Pierre Gal, Head of Product, The Embedded Kit, commented:
“Our software products have been designed specifically for device makers with the sole
aim of streamlining the entire process of embedded development and maintenance,
from hardware integration – with renowned Silicon vendors like STMicroelectronics – to
embedded Linux software, while providing full ownership.”

Karine Fernandez Martaresche, Solution Support & Ecosystem Manager,
STMicroelectronics, added: “We’re delighted to have The Embedded Kit company as
new ST Authorized Partner with their new off-the-shelf tools available for the
STM32MP1 family of products. Our partnership with The Embedded Kit further
reinforces our commitment to empowering our customers with the seamless integration
of our products into their projects.”

The Embedded Kit promises to simplify the complexities of this ecosystem and save
OEMs a staggering four months of development time, by offering:

Welma: A customizable Yocto based Linux distribution:
– Best practice Yocto organisation to support platforming
– Advanced continuous integration provided
– Multiple update options including
– Cybersecurity enabled to match OEM needs

Kamea: A customizable device management & IoT platform builder:
– User, roles & tenants management
– Device provisioning, configuration, management & OTA update
– Telemetries, data & event management
– Easy to configure to build web & mobile applications on top

Pluma: An automatic embedded testing tool:
– Orchestrator to run simple to advanced testing scenarios
– Easy to customize Python based solution
– Advanced reporting system to get a global overview and details of execution
– A full set of Linux tests to ensure reliability of the system

CVE Scan: A tool to monitor the security vulnerabilities of Linux systems:
– Ensure high detection of CVE applicable to a specific system
– SBOM generation for Yocto with accurate kernel configuration
– Long term oriented with annotation system to ensure tracking and remarks
– Monitoring simplified with dashboards

Samir Bounab, CEO, Witekio, added: “With more than 20 years of experience in
embedded Linux development under our belt, Witekio has witnessed the struggles
faced by hundreds of device makers trying to develop and maintain industrial-grade
Linux systems alongside their core business applications. The demand and need for off-
the-shelf solutions are clear, and we believe The Embedded Kit product portfolio
answers that need fully.”

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Witekio Launches “The Embedded Kit” Company with a Linux prod…

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