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Wi-SUN Alliance Report IoT Investment Is Critical To Successful Business In 2022

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

While IoT goals have shifted over the course of the last five years. Owing in large part to project delays and reduced budgets caused by the pandemic, the Wi-SUN Alliance report shows IoT investment is critical to success. There is great growth in traffic control, smart parking, noise and air sensors, and street lighting initiatives.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a top priority for global organizations for the next 12 months, the report sites. The report also states that 92% of global organizations agree that IoT is a necessary element to staying competitive, IT complexity and proven ROI are creating challenging effects.

The new report “The Journey to IoT Maturity,” was released by the Wi-SUN Alliance, a member-based organization made up of industry-leading companies. The members are a driving global force behind the adoption of interoperable wireless solutions for use in smart cities, smart utilities, and other IoT and industrial IoT applications. Membership is made up of industry leaders in energy, utilities, government, construction, technology, and telecoms, to name a few. The report is based on interviews with the members at large.

The reporting for most sectors has shown growth across smart initiatives over the last five years, since Wi-SUN’s 2017 report on IoT. Security and surveillance is a more than likely use case for IoT to be rolled out, with 87% of respondents being very likely or definitely planning to deploy IoT technology in the next 12 – 18 months. This is up an overall 10% from the 2017 report.  Then in the rundown of whether IoT will be rolled out company-wide, industries include distribution automation at 82%, up 8% globally from 2017, and advanced meter infrastructure at 80% up 12% since 2017

The largest increase in an industry’s desire to utilize IoT is smart parking, at 77% definite or very likely to use IoT, up from 57%, a major shift of 20% globally since 2017.

Traffic lights and controls are at 76% up 17%, noise and air sensors at 79% up 17% from 2017, and electric vehicle charging at 79% up from 66%.

Overall street lighting IoT plays a major role in smart cities’ control of energy and costs while maintaining an extremely high level of safety and security. Street lighting grew from 11% to 72%, for a definite or very likely to add IoT to the system, response.

The report also highlights shifts in IoT Implementation. Although investment in IoT remains critical, the need to gain a competitive edge, increased 9% from 20% to 29% but the need to reduce operating costs and create business efficiencies declined respectively from 38% to 27%, and 42% down to 25% in March 2022. This is indicative of an increase in the general commercial talking points becoming “everyone is doing it, or thinking of doing it.”

In the end, the number of respondents reporting challenges to the implementation of IoT at 24%, down from 58%. The overall feeling is, that IoT is “extremely difficult” to implement. That being said, the future holds a great deal of motion in the IoT space, for many global companies.

Further Information about Wi-SUN and the Wi-SUN Alliance can be found at the website. To download a copy of the free “The Journey to IoT Maturity,” report go to the webpage at the Wi-SUN Alliance website or click the link above.

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