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Vorago to Move All Manufacturing to the USA using SkyWater’s Trusted Foundry

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Vorago to move all manufacturing to the USA using SkyWater’s Trusted Foundry. SkyWater is to implement Vorago’s HardSil technology, a major component of tradition-hardened and radiation-tolerant devices.

The move will find Hardsil in commercial, aerospace, and defense applications in many industries. The strategic partnership between Vorago Technologies and SkyWater Technology was announced on January 24, 2023. A move to bring Vorago manufacturing stateside into SkyWater’s DMEA-accredited Category 1A Trusted Foundry.

SkyWater will be implementing Vorago’s Hardsil technology, which is a cost-effective semiconductor manufacturing process, which allows devices to function reliably at higher temperatures and radiation levels.

Hardsil will now become available to SkyWater clients, as a design-enabled process method for new and existing designs that have no impact on die size or any specifications and without the need for redesign.

HARDSIL boosts SkyWater’s bulk 90nm CMOS process for commercial use in medical, space, industrial, and aviation. For applications that need to be resistant to higher temperatures and higher radiation levels.

The traditional methods of manufacturing a high-reliability radiation-hardened (rad-hard) electronic component must be designed so that exposure to extreme temperature and ionizing radiation does not cause the component to fail or malfunction.

Vorago offers a new way to manufacture the components that meet the rad-hard requirements without redesign, effectively cutting costs that would be incurred with adjustments and modifications, as well as reducing time to market from not needing time-consuming redesign processes.

“We are pleased VORAGO has chosen SkyWater as its preferred foundry,” said Thomas Sonderman, president, and CEO of SkyWater. “Implementing their HARDSIL technology enhances our bulk 90 nm CMOS process by enabling applications in commercial and other markets that require high levels of radiation tolerance. VORAGO’s choice to move all their manufacturing to the U.S. is commendable as the nation continues its reshoring efforts for national and economic security.”

“Partnering with a U.S.-based pure-play foundry is an incredible milestone for us,” says Bernd Lienhard, CEO of VORAGO Technologies. “We’re excited to move all of our manufacturing to SkyWater, the foundry of choice for our next-generation of rad-hard processors. We’re proud to work with SkyWater to bring our patented HARDSIL technology to the aerospace and defense industry at large.”

To find out more about SkyWater and Vorago please visit the press item at the Skywater website here.

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Vorago to Move All Manufacturing to the USA using SkyWater’…

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