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Vicor’s New Buck Regulator Aimed At Datacenters, Communications, and Lighting

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Vicor’s new PI3526-00-LGIZ is a new buck regulator focused on data center, communications, and lighting use. The buck regulators are a new addition to the Cool-Power ZVS Buck regulator family of regulators. The portfolio supports 30V – 60V inputs with the PI3526-00-LGIZ supporting 48V inputs, offering higher current compared to Vicor’s existing PI354x family.

This allows the regulator to have scalable power options for 48V Direct to Point of Load (PoL) applications. The PI3526-00-LGIZ is a 12V output regulator, supplying up to 18A, with a form factor of 10x14mm LGA SiP complete.

The PI3526-00-LGIZ offers all the same features of the company’s existing 48V Cool-Power ZVS Buck Regulators, with the PI352x portfolio delivering 2x the power of the PI#%$x regulators and only using a 40% larger package.

The PI3526-00-LGIZ requires only an output inductor and minimal passives for a complete design, that consumes less than 740mm2 of the PCB landscape. The design is meant to parallel in combinations of up to three regulators, the PI352x regulars are meant to be scaled to support applications with higher load currents.

The PI352x family of buck regulators is meant to address the growing need for 48V Direct to PoL solutions in many applications. Those applications include lighting, communication, automotive applications in equipment, and data center uses. The Cool=Power ZVS regulator are aimed at high power density, and high efficiency and is simple to use.

Operating temperature is -40C to +120C. They are suited for many applications.

Pricing and Availability

There is a present lead time of 20 weeks on delivery, and the price for a quantity of 100 is $14.46 per unit.  

To find out more about the PI3526-00-LGIZ and the Cool-Power ZVS Regulators, visit the product pages on Vicor’s website

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Vicor’s New Buck Regulator Aimed At Datacenters, Communications…

by Stephen Vicinanza time to read: 1 min