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Versalogic Releases the Sabertooth an HPC with 9th Gen Coffee Lake Processors

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Versalogic releases the Sabertooth an HPC with 9th Gen Coffee Lake processors. The Sabertooth is a high-performance computer that uses Xeon-E and 9th-generation Intel Core processors, a 3-Bank Type 1 expansion port, and error-correcting memory.

The Sabertooth also includes TPM 2.0 security, onboard NVMe SSD storage, and up to 32 GB ECC RAM. The processors are high-performance 9th generation Coffee Lake Processors, either with a Hex-Core Xeon-E or quad-core i3 versions.

Bottom view Sabertooth HPC

There is the 3-Bank Expansion port for PCIe x16 Gen 3 expansion. Additionally, there is onboard high-speed 128GB NVMe fast read/write SSD storage.

The Sabertooth design is a rugged PC 104 embedded computer. The computer features high bandwidth 3-Bank expansion interface. The connector for the expansion supports high-speed peripherals, GPU devices, or computer-offload, that require up to 16 high-speed PCIe lanes.

Meant for computing at the edge, the Sabertooth has a high bandwidth bus, which can be further expanded with I/O such as 10 Gigabit Ethernet FPGAs and GPU boards. Interfaces include a PCIe Gen 3 x16 bus with bifurcation, four PCIe x1, two USB 2.0, and SMB ports.

Port View Sabertooth HPC

This computer uses Intels 9th Generation CPU family. Featuring Hyper-Threading on the Xeon-E models adds to the power of the system. The system includes high-speed SSD storage and up to 32GB of RAM which is error-correcting in the Xeon-E versions. Both versions of the Sabertooth are well-suited to applications in energy applications, security, medical, smart security, and defense.

The operating temperature range is -40℃ all the way up to +85℃ and meets the MIL-STD-202H shock and vibrations specifications. There are also lathing connectors for challenging environments and hostile locations.

Versalogic is warranting the Sabertooth for 10+ years, as a sign of high reliability and long term use in scale and technology level.

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Versalogic Releases the Sabertooth an HPC with 9th Gen Coffee Lak…

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