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VersaLogic Expands its Industrial Portfolio with a 10Gb Ethernet Expansion Board

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

VersaLogic expands its industrial portfolio with a 10Gb Ethernet expansion board. The new board is the E9 module. It is a rugged Ethernet expansion product that can run at industrial temperatures.

The company is calling this new module an effective and reliable way to add high-speed 10Gb Ethernet to an embedded computer system.

There are many features that are included with this module, aiming directly at the industrial marketplace.

There are Dual Independent 10 Gigabit ports. The E9 has two independent IEEE 10Gb Ethernet RJ-45 ports. Both ports are compatible with older and slower ports 5GbE, 2.5GbE, and 1GbE. The format is PCIe/104 in a design that is meant for “3-bank” stack-down platforms, which works as a plug-in expansion board.

The E9 supports a Precision Time Protocol, with an IEEE 1588/802.1AS for precise time-synchronization, between network nodes. The company states this would be ideal for smart-factory and smart-security applications.

One of the unique features of this board, the E9 is self-contained with onboard magnetic isolation, as well as the RJ-45 jacks. This helps enhance development, as there is no need for off-board magnetics, SFP modules, or special cabling.

The E9 is a rugged design that is focused on applications in extreme environments. The unit’s fully tested thermal management has shown the module to be reliable in the -40℃ to +85℃ range. There are latching connectors and soldered-down transceivers that also add to the rugged design. Testing for shock and vibration at the MIL-STD-202H level supports performance in demanding conditions. The EPM-E9E is engineered to function in real-world scenarios and its performance was validated.

VersaLogic is accommodating low OEM quantities with a customization option. Here are some of the most common customization options.

  • Pre-assembly with the EPMe-51 Sabertooth system
  • Revision Locks
  • Custom labeling
  • Customized screening
  • Conformal coating
  • Customized testing

Long-term availability is a strength of the company, and even with an industrial market that is advancing rapidly, VersaLogic is maintaining the long lifecycle and availability of the E9 Dual 10Gb Ethernet expansion board. The company is backing its claim that the board has excellent reliability and a 10+ year production lifecycle. It states that the E9 is a solid choice for connectivity for environmentally challenged applications.

“Customers can now easily add two 10Gb Ethernet ports to embedded systems with reliable, full performance operation even in industrial temperature applications (-40° to +85°C)” said Len Crane, VersaLogic President. “This powerful PCIe expansion board takes thermal management seriously and works flawlessly across the full industrial temperature range.”

The E9 (VL-EPM-E9E) is available and in stock at OEM pricing that starts at $1,379. Inventory is located at VersaLogic Corp.

To find out more about the E9 check out the product page here.

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VersaLogic Expands its Industrial Portfolio with a 10Gb Ethernet …

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