Variscite’s New DART-MX93 SoM Brings Machine Learning to Rugged Edge Devices

Written by Kirsten Campbell

Variscite, a leading worldwide System on Module (SoM) designer, developer and manufacturer, today announced the newest member of the DART Pin2Pin family for machine learning on edge devices at a competitive price for markets like industrial, IoT, smart devices, and wearables. 

At only 55 x 30 millimeters—about half the size of a credit card—the DART-MX93 enables machine learning, even in compact devices. Its energy-flex architecture provides efficient processing; built-in security ensures data and applications are protected.

Similar to the successful VAR-SOM-MX93 which was already launched by Variscite in 2023, the DART-MX93 is based on the same NXP i.MX93 processor with up to 1.7GHz Dual Cortex™-A55, and 250MHz Cortex-M33 real-time co-processor, equipped with the Arm® neural processing unit Ethos™-U65 microNPU. The new SoM includes robust features like 2x CAN bus, 2x GbE, and industrial temperature grade plus a wide range of features and connectivity options: camera inputs, audio in/out, ADC, 2x USB, certified Wi-Fi 6 dual-band 802.11 ax/ac/a/b/g/n with optional 802.15.4, BT/BLE 5.3, and LVDS display outputs.

“Variscite’s DART-MX93 is another breakthrough that offers advanced processing power and energy-efficiency with industrial-grade features at an extremely attractive price,” said Ofer Austerlitz, VP Business Development and Sales of Variscite. “The DART-MX93 is positioned to enable a new class of smart edge devices that are rugged, energy-wise, performant, and affordable in volume.” 

Variscite offers the broadest range of SoMs based on NXP’s i.MX 9 series. The upcoming VAR-SOM-MX91, to be released in parallel with NXP’s iMX91, is ideal for price-sensitive devices. The DART-MX95, powered by NXP i.MX95, was created for powerful edge platforms that demand high performance, high-end graphics, AI/ML capabilities, advanced security and safety functions, and a rich set of high-speed connectivity options.

Longevity and Upgrade Path
Variscite’s DART-MX93 is included in the company’s long-term longevity plan and is expected to be available to customers for the next 15 years.

The DART-MX93 is part of the DART Pin2Pin family that gives Variscite customers a future-proof way to scale their device capabilities with new generations of DART SoMs. This ensures extended longevity for customer products, as well as reduces development time, costs, and risks for future product iterations. From the i.MX8M Mini, through the i.MX8M and iMX8M Plus, to the i.MX 95.

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Variscite’s New DART-MX93 SoM Brings Machine Learning to Ru…

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