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Transphorm and Weltrend Launch Their First GaN System in Package

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Transphorm and Weltrend launch their first GaN System in Package. In collaboration with WelTrend Semiconductor, Transphorm Inc. has released its first GaN System in Package (SiP).

The WT7162RHUG24A is an integrated circuit (IC) that is used in 46 to 100-watt USB-C PD power adapters. The uses for this adapter are varied and include smartphones, laptops, tablets, and many other smart devices.

The peak power efficiency is greater than 93%.

The WT7162RHUG24A is a high-frequency multi-mode (QR/Valley Switching) Flyback PWM controller. It is integrated with a 650V 240mΩ Transphorm SuperGaN FET. It is specifically designed for use in USB PD or a programmable power adapter.

The SiP is designed to help improve overall efficiency and optimize the target product’s performance. It operates in a quasi-resonant (QR) mode during heavy load. During a light load, the unit operates in discontinuous conduction mode with valley switching.

The SiP minimizes the component count when in development and is available in a QFN 8*8 package. It provides protection features that include, such as Brown in/out, OLP, VDD OVP, OCP as well as Output Short Circuit Protection.

When there is no external LDO circuit the WT7162RHUG24A can provide 3.3V to 21V (7x volts) wide range output voltage application that effectively reduces total bill-of-materials cost.

“The WT7162RHUG24A is the industry’s first publicly announced SiP using Transphorm GaN. It enables manufacturers to develop a less expensive system solution given fewer components are required and a smaller PCB can be used among other advantages. It also reduces system development time. Effectively, we’re removing design barriers for adapter manufacturers,” said Tony Lin, President, of Weltrend, in a statement. “Notably, this product also allows Weltrend to move into a new market. It is the first-ever SiP for our PWM controllers, validating our commitment to supporting high-volume growth sectors. And, with the integration of the GaN FET, we’ve raised the level of performance output. A win for Weltrend, Transphorm, and our mutual customers.”

“The adapter fast charger market is a fast-growing segment for GaN adoption today. We are gaining market share and continue to innovate, most recently with this GaN SiP, which allows for even easier use of our GaN devices,” said Primit Parikh, President, and COO, of Transphorm in a statement. “We’re excited to integrate our industry-leading SuperGaN platform with Weltrend’s innovative adapter power controller technology. Weltrend has delivered a leading power conversion platform that creates a simple-to-use solution for adapter/fast charger customers that both companies can use to accelerate wins in this market.”

To find out more about the Transphorm/Weltrend WT7162RHUG24A, see the products pages for Transphorm here, and Weltrend here.

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Transphorm and Weltrend Launch Their First GaN System in Package…

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