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TP-Link Brand Tapo Expands its Smart Home Portfolio of Devices

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

TP-Link brand Tapo expands its smart home portfolio of devices. The Tapo brand received a CES 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree designation for its RV30C Slim Robot Vacuum and other devices that included.

  • H900 Homebase
  • C325WB Advanced WiFi Outdoor Security Camera
  • C425 WiFi Outdoor Security Camera
  • Smart Video Door Lock

The Tapo RV30C Slim is a robot vacuum with innovative technology inside. The RV30C took home an award for innovation, using the MagSlim LIDAR Navigation technology. There is a small, space-saving Mini-dToF LIDAR sensor, offering a new slimmer form factor to clean those hard-to-reach places in the home. The MagSlim LIDAR navigations bring in millimeter measurements for more accurate perceptions along with increased mapping capability.

A new Homebase is a big step in the forward motion of the IoT sector for Tapo. The H900 is a connection center made for the home. The center supports multiple device types that include WiFi, Bluetooth, Matter, Thread, Sub-G, and other protocols.

The H900 can manage all types of Tapo devices and program smart scenes for direct connectivity and automation. The uses for the H900 also include surveillance and live viewing for up to 16 cameras, and video storage, that can be connected to the cloud.

The C325WB is a smart outdoor security camera that is WiFi connected. This device can work in ultra-low-light situations and enhances images, natural color, and vivid details. It features a super aperture lens and increased sensor capability. The upgraded AI detection allows for more accurate detections of motion or items in the field of view. It is IP66 waterproof rated and performs well in rain and dust conditions.

The C425 WiFi outdoor security camera is a built-in 10,000mah large capacity battery and a magnetic mounting capability. This new camera can be connected to the A200 solar panel, available from the company for a separate fee. It offers year-round power and the low power consumption allows for better energy distribution in this more energy-conscious world.

The Tapo smart video door lock is also a CES 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree. It is a 3-in-1 device that triples as a door lock, doorbell, and outdoor video surveillance camera. The lock supports multiple methods for unlocking, from fingerprint to app, password, facial recognition and even voice unlock. Through the mobile app users can lock or unlock the door lock from any location. There is a feature to set temporary user codes. The unit can even receive lock notifications and live view lock activity.

For a list of more devices and updates, see the announcement on the TP-Link website, here.

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TP-Link Brand Tapo Expands its Smart Home Portfolio of Devices

by Stephen Vicinanza time to read: 2 min