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Tiny Antennas Support 915MHz ISM and LoRaWAN

Antenova has announced a new flexible embedded antenna for small monitoring devices on North America’s 915MHz ISM and LoRaWAN networks. This antenna, named Fera, part no SRFI068, is a flexible printed circuit (FPC) antenna measuring 33mm x 13mm x 0.15mm. FPC antennas do not require a ground plane to function, which is an advantage in small designs where space is tight because no empty space is needed around the antenna on the PCB.

This antenna is an FPC which can be bent or curled and inserted precisely into a design and fixed in place by a self-adhesive patch. This makes the integration of the antenna simpler and is practical for low to medium manufacturing volumes.

Fera is available in two shapes—horizontal and vertical orientation—so there are two options for integrating it into a design. It comes with an integral UFL IPEX connector in a choice of two standard cable lengths: 100mm or 150mm, and two cable types—horizontal and vertical—to give designers several options for connecting to the PCB.

The Fera antenna is designed for the smart IoT and monitoring applications now rolling out across North America in the ISM and LoRa bands. It is well suited for small devices with small PCBs, that will be used for remote monitoring, smart meters, medical devices, automotive applications and other devices using ISM and LoRa gateways. Antenova provides its customers with a comprehensive engineering service to assist them with antenna integration and testing for their RF designs.

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Tiny Antennas Support 915MHz ISM and LoRaWAN

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