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Three Leading Companies Partner to Unveil the First Smart Label

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Three leading companies partner to unveil the first smart label. Pod Group, SODAQ, and Lufthansa Solutions create the first smart label tracking device ready for commercial use. They made the smart label debut at CES 2023.

Pod Group, the IoT and Network Enterprise Operator (ENO), the world’s first ENO, partnered with Lufthansa Industry Solutions, (LHIND), and SODAQ announced in early January the launch of a paper-think tracking device that forms a Smart Label.

The partnership claims this smart label will revolutionize the logistics industry by allowing the tracking of small and lightweight items. This could not previously be accomplished using available item-tracking equipment.

The Smart Label uses 5G connectivity in a low-power cellular environment which sends out location and temperature data through standard LTE CAT-M transmission. This data is retrieved from a central dashboard and can enhance valuable asset tracking in use cases such as lightweight envelopes containing valuable documents, something large like an oil painting, yet still lightweight.

The middleware platform provided by LHIND is powerful enough to enable geofences with notifications that can be set to alert the user when packages enter or leave key points during its journey.

The battery for the Smart Label is printed and maintains the paper-thin structure of the label, making sure the system is as light as possible. The low-power cellular connectivity ensures a long battery life that is optimized for up to a 6-month life cycle.

Depending on the frequency of transmission the label could be used more than one time. The battery is also alkaline, instead of Lithium Ion, which is more environmentally friendly overall and all the materials are recyclable.

Ollie Smeenk from SODAQ commented; “With the Smart Label, companies with complex supply chains can track their goods efficiently, reducing spoilage and theft. The state-of-the-art low-power cellular communication technology can now reliably send near real-time positions, temperature, and shock alerts from this recyclable ultra-thin device. As SODAQ we are excited to be the first in the world to make this a commercially viable solution, together with our partners Pod Group and Lufthansa Industry Solutions.”

“The Smart Label is the result of the combined expertise of the various partners involved in its production to deliver a unique industry-leading solution, from SODAQ’s innovative hardware with its unique form factor and recyclable materials to LHIND’s powerful centralized dashboard and Pod Group’s secure, reliable global connectivity,” commented Sam Colley from Pod Group. “We are proud to showcase such cutting-edge technology as a team at CES, and we invite attendees to visit our booth to experience the full benefits of the Smart Label.”

The Smart Label was showcased at CES 2023. Find out more about the Smart Label at Pod Group website here.

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Three Leading Companies Partner to Unveil the First Smart Label

by Stephen Vicinanza time to read: 2 min