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The New ES9826 SABRE ADC from ESS Technology is a 2 Channel High-Performance Converter with Integrated PGA

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

The new ES9826 SABRE ADC from ESS Technology is a 2-channel high-performance converter with integrated PGA. ESS Technology released a 2 channel Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC). The converter combines essentially 2 integrated ADC circuits that use ESS’s patented Hyperstream IV ADC architecture, with a built-in front-end PGA.

The ES9826 SABRE ADC offers high-quality audio with a DNR of +123dB and a THD+N of -105dB setting an industry standard for the company in relation to audio performance, cost-effectiveness, and overall features.

The ESS HyperStream IV modular technology is the same technology from this company that gives the SABRE DACs there unmatched sound quality. The technology allows timing jitter to be pushed out of the audio range, producing a pure and consistent soundstage. The noise floor results are flat at 200kHz.

This device expands on the current ESS ADC converters and is specifically designed to optimize system performance. The integration of new functions reduces costs for those designs that are price sensitive. The application use cases could be from professional microphones to conferencing systems, and across the spectrum to smart speakers.

Included in the ES9826 is a +30dB programmable gain amplifier (PGA) and also a high-performance analog phase lock loop (APLL) high-performance clock source. This gives developers many and varied options for ease of system design and reduces BOM requirements. This ADC handles PCM sampling rates of up to 768 kHz, which are very high sampling output rates.

The ES9826 SABRE ADC introduces an Auto-Ranging Enhancement (ARE) function that broadens the dynamic range of the source material and maintains audio integrity. The ADC also includes supporting serial bus interfaces I2S master and slave, S/PDIF output formats, and TDM. TDM includes daisy chain connectivity for multiple devices and up to 32 channels on one TDM data line.

For further information on the ESS Technology ES9826 SABRE ADC check out the product announcement on the website here.

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The New ES9826 SABRE ADC from ESS Technology is a 2 Channel High-…

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