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The Easy IGBT Family of Power Modules are Meant for Customization

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Infineon’s Easy family of power modules is meant for those seeking flexibility and scalability in a module solution. The extension of the Easy 3B package, offers the broadest base-plate package in the industry at 12mm height. 

The three-module series in the Easy family, are EasyPIM, EasyPACK, and EasyDUAL, with a range from 6A to 200A at 600V / 650V/ 1200V.

The Easy 3B package extends the direct copper bonding (DCB), a substrate in the power module, covering the surface area of the current package by a factor of two while staying within the same height. The resulting package is perfect for extending the current inverter design to increase power with minimal mechanical modifications.

The flexible pin grid system is meant for customizing layout and pinout. The packages themselves do not have a base plate.

The three configurations of the Easy family of power modules, the EasyPIM, the EasyPACK, and the EasyDUAL, cover the full spectrum of power ranges from 6A to 200A, at 600V, 650V, and 1200V, in a PIM or Six-Pack configuration. For the applications where designers are looking to work at the 3-level topology, Easy offers a full portfolio of 3-level configurations up to 400A in a single module.

The automotive Easy 1B and Easy 2B modules provide a qualified automotive platform with flexible topologies that can handle applications with power ranges up to 10kW.

The latest addition to the Easy Family of power modules is the CoolSiC. The extensive product portfolio in the CoolSiC series covers Si, GaN, and SiC technologies. Infineon owns the complete supply chain and offers unbiased design-in support. The silicon carbide technology development program has more than 20 years at Infineon, catering to more efficient energy transmission, generation, and consumption.

The Easy CoolSiC MOSFETs trench technology is revolutionary in the industry, adding to the already existing Si-assortment. These power systems and portfolios are one of the most comprehensive in the industry, going from ultra-low power to high-voltage power devices.

The Easy IGBT family of products covers a wide range of power needs and design customizations. The CoolSiC adds another extensive layer to Infineon’s already wide range of power module choices.

For some comprehensive information on the Infineon Easy IGBT family of power modules see the product page on the website.

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The Easy IGBT Family of Power Modules are Meant for Customization…

by Stephen Vicinanza time to read: 2 min