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Texas Instruments Redefines the MCU with Ten Times More Processing Capability

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Texas Instruments introduces a portfolio of Microcontrollers (MCU) that are capable of 10x the processing capability then devices that exist today. Engineers will be able to combine a processor-level compute power with the simpler design of the MCU for real-time control, analytics, and network applications with the TI Sitara AM2x MCUs.

The high-performance microcontroller portfolio advances real-time control, analytics, and networking at the edge. With the new Sitara AM2x MCUs, engineers are able to use 10X more computing capabilities than is available in flash-based, traditional MCUs today. This allows designers and developers to push the limits of design in applications like factory automation, automotive systems, sustainable energy management, and robotics.

The AM2x MCU portfolio is based on the high–performance Arm MCU single and multicore devices running at speeds up to 1GGHz. The Sitara AM2x MCU portfolio integrates specialized peripherals and accelerators. Implementing processing capabilities that a truly high-performance is easy, with tools that are very accessible and easy-to-use software built to simplify evaluation and reduce the complexities of design and cost.

In the AM2x portfolio, the first available family is the AM243x MCUs, which feature up to four Arm Cortex-R5F cores each running up to 800MHz. The high processing speed can be vital in such scenarios as factory equipment robots. The fast computation coupled with the MCUs internal memory enhances the precision of motion and speed of movement. The resulting performance is seen in a higher production rate and completion of assigned tasks.

The additional processing ability allows designs to include such analytics for functions, such as predictive maintenance and reducing downtime on factory floors. In typical applications, the AM243x devices can achieve this high level of performance while only consuming 1W of active power. This extends factor operators to extend power resources, lowering both operating costs and the energy footprint.

To reduce the complexity of design and development TI created the Sitara AM243x LaunchPad Development Kit, enabling quick evaluation of high-performance MCUs at a cost that is under $100 USD. With the Sitara MCU+ software framework and the Development Kit, developers are able to begin using the precision real-time controls and out-of-the-box networking capabilities of the AM243x MCU immediately. There are also application-specific reference examples, a solid ecosystem of tools and software, as well as the MCU+ Academy training portal, which can help designers streamline their designs and speed up time to market.

More information on the AM2X MCUs can be found here

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Texas Instruments Redefines the MCU with Ten Times More Processin…

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