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Texas Instruments and TDK Collaborate on the World’s First Sensor Module that has Edge AI and Wireless Mesh Built-In

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Texas Instruments and TDK collaborate on the world’s first sensor module that has Edge AI and wireless mesh built-in. TDK announces the i3 Micro Module, a system with wireless mesh connectivity and edge AI, built-in.

The unit integrates the TI SimpleLink platform, which features a CC2652R7 Arm Cortex-M4F Microcontroller (MCU). The MCU is a multiprotocol 2.4 GHz wireless 32-bit system with real-time monitoring. In addition, the Micro Module integrates TDK’s IM-42352 high-performance SmartindustrialTM MEMS accelerator. The accelerator also has a digital temperature sensor, along with edge AI and mesh network functionality in one unit.

“As more electronics and automation are being implemented in factories and buildings, companies are seeking more efficient ways to anticipate and manage equipment needs, avoiding expensive downtime,” said Nick Smith, product marketing manager at Texas Instruments. “This collaboration between TI and TDK will bring more technology into factories and increase their efficiency through simpler and more powerful sensing and real-time communication. TI’s connectivity technology is backed by over 20 years of experience to help drive innovations such as these modules.”

The i3 Micro Module is a battery-powered wireless sensor, ultracompact, which facilitates ease of sensing at almost any position without the physical constraints of wiring. They can often be used in machinery and equipment that is hard to monitor for issues, and predict maintenance more readily. This overall allows for Condition-based Monitoring (CbM) implementation.

The type of monitoring this sensor allows is real-time visualized empirical data instead of relying on manpower and schedules for maintenance. This minimizes downtime and prevents unexpected failures. They offer an understanding of the health of the machinery and equipment that would then extend the utilization lifecycle. All of this brings the systems that are being monitored into a more suitable predictive maintenance program.

“TDK’s i3 Micro Module facilitates numerous benefits to the manufacturing floor to enable digital transformation and an enhanced smart factory environment,” stated Christian Hoffman, General Manager, Corporate Marketing Group, TDK Corporation. “The module simplifies the deployment and sensor data gathering process giving users the bandwidth to focus on effective condition-based monitoring and predictive maintenance initiatives.”

The i3 Micro Module contains a

  • Texas Instruments TI CC2652R7 SimpleLink platform ARM Cortex-M4F multiprotocol 2.4 GHz wireless 32-bit Arm-based MCU
  • TDK IM-42352 high-performance SmartindustrialTM MEMS accelerometer.

To find out more about the collaboration between TDK and Texas Instruments see the announcement on the TDK website here.

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Texas Instruments and TDK Collaborate on the World’s First …

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