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Teledyne has a Low Power, Ka-Band Capable ADC Under Development

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Teledyne has a low-power, Ka-Band, space-grade ADC under development. The Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) makes it possible to have a direct conversion to Ka-Band, for almost all kinds of systems.

Whether the devices or systems are ground-based or space-based, for SATCOM payloads, SAR imaging or TT&C systems the Teledyne EV10AS940 is ready and capable.

The ADC’s ultrawide bandwidth enables multi-band operations because it is able to digitize signals from L-Band to Ka-Band, along with DDC channels.

The overall power consumption is 2.5W at 128 GSPS the device helps phased array trends toward digital beamforming by providing high-level RF performance combined with extremely low power consumption,

Key Benefits include

  • Enables in-orbit payload reconfiguration in multiple bands
  • Ultra-wide input bandwidth 33GHz
  • Multi ADC synchronization
  • Low power 2.5W (at 128 GSps)
  • Easing RF interfaces with single-ended analog and clock inputs.
  • Digital features
    • DDC with I/Q decimations (x2 to x1024)
    • Multi-NCO(s) (x4)
    • Fast Frequency Hopping (3 hop modes)
    • Beamforming

To find out more about the Teledyne EV10AS940 see the product page here.

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Teledyne has a Low Power, Ka-Band Capable ADC Under Development

by Stephen Vicinanza time to read: 1 min