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Superpedestrian Brings Small Vehicle IoT To Cities Across The Nation

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Superpedestrian states its mission is to provide cities with the world’s safest and most advanced small vehicle technologies.  Brought to life from the MIT Senseable City Lab in 2013 with the ambitious goal of solving urban transportation challenges. They worked for eight years to develop Vehicle Intelligence, which makes micromobility sustainable, efficient, and safe at scale.

The vehicles which can be found across the country in large cities are essentially a scooter. The shared scooters were rolled out in 2020, powered by vehicle intelligence in 60+ cities across 11 countries.

The company has said they provide vehicles that are engineered for riders of different ages, sizes, and experience levels, including accessible vehicles for people with disabilities.

The features of a Superpedestrian Scooter

  • Designed to be the smartest, safest e-scooter.
  • Throttle-controlled assist
  • Long-range battery
  • Lights and reflectors that are high visibility
  • Stability created by a wider longer base
  • Can carry up to 297 lbs
  • Three independent brakes

The Seated Scooter has features that include

  • All the features of the stand-up scooter
  • Adjustable seat
  • Can be outfitted with a basket for personal belongings
Seated e-Scooter

The Superpedestrian Scooter comes with Vehicle Intelligence operating system, which runs a vehicle health check before every ride. The Pedestrian Defense system detects and corrects unsafe rider behaviors in real-time. Tip-overs are vehicle detected and operations teams are immediately alerted to parking problems. The vehicles can enforce geofences in just 0.7 seconds with a 99% enforcement success rate to keep the scooters out of pedestrian zones.

Vehicle Intelligence (VI) is a unique operating platform, that is built with safety as it main priority. Because VI is a platform technology it can be utilized and supports a wide array of electric vehicles, including e-bike, e-scooters, electric automobiles and electric aircraft, to make the systems controlling those vehicles safer and more reliable.

Vehicle Intelligence

  • helps keep riders safe, by self-checking before every ride (self-pre-trip)
  • keeps the public safe by keeping scooters out of pedestrian areas
  • keeps employees safe by ensuring the health of all electronic systems and batteries.
  • is adaptable to many types of vehicles, including scooters and e-bikes, but also other passenger vehicles, such as electric automobiles and airplanes.
  • uses over-the-air updates for real-time current software onboard
  • Continuously monitoring systems, internal and external, and autonomously resolving small issues before they escalate

The VI System stores city maps and geofenced zone and enforcement command onboard the vehicle bypassing lag time in cloud-based geofencing for cities and other pedestrian zones. The technology used for enforcing geofencing has a 99% enforcement success rate so can be relied upon to keep pedestrians safe, uphold regulations, promote safe riding, and prevent improper parking, at the behest of communities all over the world.

To find out more about Superpedestrian and Vehicle Intelligence, visit the website.

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