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STMicroelectronics Moves Microsoft Azure RTOS Development Into Ultra-Low-Power And Wireless MCUs In The STM32 Family.

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

STMicroelectronics has extended support for Microsoft Azure RTOS development to the STM32 microcontroller family. The expansion is happening in the STM32Cube tools environment, covering such additions as high-performance, mainstream, ultra-low-power, and wireless microcontrollers.

In this new scenario, users are able to leverage the Azure RTOS qualities with the ease and convenience of the STM32Cube. This would complement the flexibility of the STM32 series of MCUs to optimize those devices’ properties, with 700 MCUs in STM32 ARM Cortex-M portfolio

Included in this extension of support are dedicated software packages for MCU families


  • STM32G0


  • STM32L4
  • STM32L4+
  • STM32L5
  • STM32U5

High Performance

  • STM32G4
  • STM32F4
  • STM32F7
  • STM32H7


  • STM32WL
  • STM32WB

STM32Cube simplifies development with Azure RTOS, as both a standalone package or as add-on configurable components. There are free code examples for the STM32CubeIDE tool and STM32CubeMX initializer, which can directly configure Azure RTOS components. Demonstration projects are available to showcase the systems and configurations, ready to be run on STM32 Nucleo boards, evaluation boards, and Discovery kits.

The Azure RTOS suite is shown to be a comprehensive and consistent middleware offering for embedded projects, the company states. For reference, it includes the ThreadX real-time OS, with a smaller memory footprint, the FileX fault-tolerant FAT file system. The FileX system works with the LevelX wear leveling for NAND and NOR Flash memories. Accompanying that is the NetX Duo, industrial-grade TCP/IP stacks along with the USBX USB stack with device and host support. Code can also be found on STM’s GitHub Community.

STMicroelectronics goes on to say that integrating Azure RTOS within the STM 32Cube simplifies the development of embedded projects of a higher caliber to build robust energy-efficient, feature-rich, and less costly devices and systems.

Support includes examples and demonstrations, but also the STM32 WiKi and a dedicated Azure RTOS topic found on the ST-developer community site.

Further Information

For more information on the STM32 family of microcontrollers, and the STM32Cube tools see the STMicroelectronics website and the dedicated STM32Cube pages.

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