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STMicroelectronics Launches The Stellar E MCU Line Dedicated To EV Applications

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

STMicroelectronics has unveiled a new line of automotive MCUs, the Stellar E Microcontrollers. This line of MCUs is focused on the automotive industry, optimizing EVs and centralized domain and zone electronic architecture. This makes EVs more affordable, go further on a single charge, and charge faster.

Up until now, EVs have used high-efficiency SiC-based (Silicon carbide) power modules. This provided the greatest driving range and faster charging. They required high-speed signal processors that were dedicated just to that function, that controlled the advanced SiC power chips.

The Stellar E MCUs are designed for next-generation software-defined EVs. These MCUs integrate high-speed control-loop processing on-chip. The entire module can be controlled by one MCU. The results are simplified module design, cost savings, and help with compliance with automotive safety and security standards.

The E series of MCUs, extend STs ARM-based Stellar family. The MCUs are designed from the ground up with the car as the platform focus.  The MCUs are a powerful centralized domain and zone controller, which simplifies automotive architectures for increased flexibility, safety, and power. The Stellar family of MCUs all integrate ARM Cortex cores, delivering high performance. The system offers lock-step redundancy and supports real-time hardware virtualization.

This is tantamount to automating the entire vehicle. The EV would essentially drive further, faster, and charge more efficiently. The internal systems would allow for head-on collision avoidance, high-speed stopping, and lane adherence. Cyber security would be for all systems involved in control, such as steering and braking, and driver interfaces. All while maintaining a safe and secure connection to the cloud, from a centralized domain and zone control system.

All Stellar devices are built for software upgradability through secure over-the-air updates.

The full title of the MCUs is the Stellar Electrification Microcontrollers. The series provides automotive-qualified MCUs that perform high-speed control-loop processing, while also working alongside general control all on the same chip. The bill of materials is streamlined, and the overall design is simplified.

The Stellar E series supports the leading automotive standards for functional safety ISO 26262 ASIL-D, security HSM – and industry-standard SW interoperability. The OTA is secure as well.

These MCUs can control multiple power converters and leverage such features as high-speed analog-digital converters, highly accurate pulse-width modulation (PWM) controller, and fast-acting protection circuitry.

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STMicroelectronics Launches The Stellar E MCU Line Dedicated To E…

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