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STM Launches Single-Chip ICs, with Antenna-Matching for STM32 MCUs and BLE SoCs

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

STM launches single-chip ICs with antenna matching for STM32 MCUs and BLE SoCs. STMicroelectronics has revealed its new line of single-chip antenna-matching ICs that will aid in design speed for Bluetooth LE System of Chips, and two STM32 microcontrollers.

Just a few days ago STM has announced the ICs built with two different devices in mind and fully optimized. The BlueNRG-LPS system on chip IC (SoCs) and STM32WB1x and the STM32WB5x wireless microcontrollers.

The ICs integrate impedance-matching and a complete filtering network that is necessary for the best output power as well as receiver sensitivity on an external antenna.

Each IC has a 50Ω nominal impedance for the antenna. The chip-scale package has a tiny footprint, and 0.4mm bump pitch, and after reflow soldering has a profile of 630µ. Additionally, both ICs feature a 2.4GHZ low-pass filter, which eases compliance and is standardized for worldwide radio regulations including the FCC, ETSI, and ARIB specifications.

Circuitry is fabricated on the glass substrate that leverages ST’s integrated passive device (IPD) technology. The IPD technology minimizes insertion losses and outperforms discrete component circuits. Integration on a single die ensures consistent component parameters for a superior-quality finished product.

ST’s IPD help reduce the bill-of-materials, speed up time to market as well as miniaturize overall circuit dimensions.

The BlueNRG-LP and BlueNRGLPS SoCs, and the STM32WB1x and STM32WB5x all contain an efficient 2.4GHz Radio IP and have Royalty-Free protocol stacks as well as software tools. These accompanying tools and stacks help speed up the design process for wireless products, even if the designers don’t specifically have extensive RF-design skills.

On-Chip Features

  • Memory
  • Communication interfaces
  • Power regulation
  • Advanced security for hardware
  • Encryption
  • Memory protection
  • Peripherals
  • PKA (public Ket Acceleration)

The ICs model numbers are as follows with pricing.

MLPF-NRG-01D3 for the BlueNRG-LPS $0.14 per unit at 1000 units

MLPF-WB-02D3 for the STM32WB MCUs, $0.14 per unit at 1000 units

Both single-chip antenna-matching ICs are available now and can be ordered anytime.

For further information on STM, products see the website listed below. For the news announcements and to access the products in this announcement, see the website product announcement here.

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STM Launches Single-Chip ICs, with Antenna-Matching for STM32 MCU…

by Stephen Vicinanza time to read: 1 min