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STM Launches an MCU Series That Uses the New Secure Manager for Smart Devices

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

STM launches an MCU series that uses the new Secure Manager for smart devices. The STM32Trust TEE Secure Manager accompanies a new series of Microcontrollers (MCUs) from STMicroelectronics.

The new STM32H5 MCUs have an embedded core made up of an Arm Cortex-M33. The varied features of this high-performance MCU, include energy efficiency, security, and affordability. This is for the mid-range class of MCU-based applications.

The level of performance is higher than other MCUs of the same class. The MCUs are running at 250MHz and 375 DMIPS for an EEMBC CoreMark industry-reference score of 1023.

This MCU series is designed to accelerate innovation at scale, a tall order for any MCU. But with the coming of smart, connected devices this MCU series meets a high standard for performance overall. The units are built to provide greater intelligence “in the edge” and strengthen defenses for application circuitry against attacks on IoT assets.

Building on the Arm TrustZone architecture STM adds a range of its own features. The features were developed by STM and some were partner-developed with ProvenRun.

The STM32H5 is a first as far as it comes to System-on-Chip (SoC) security services delivered through an industry-standard API. The company calls this new facility STM32Trust TEE Secure Manager. The service is developed according to security service known best practices, saving developers from having to write their own code. It ensures effective protection while simplifying the development process.

“Our connected world is ready for the enhancements coming with the STM32H5 series, to support advanced services while keeping users, assets, and data secure,” said Ricardo De Sa Earp, Executive Vice President of General-Purpose Microcontroller Sub-Group, Microcontrollers and Digital ICs Group. “We expect these new MCUs to become the preferred controllers making tomorrow’s smart homes, factories, and cities intelligent, safe, and sustainable.”

The operating temperature of the STM32H5 has a high end of 125℃ and is SIL-ready for products that need to meet that level of safety.

Typical applications include appliances, alarm systems, PLCs for industrial applications, industrial pumps, lighting controls, energy conversion, and air conditioning systems.

There are a number of accompanying development products

  • NUCLEO-H503RB dev kit
  • NUCLEO-H563ZI dev kit
  • STM32H573I-DK dev kit

For further reading see the announcement on the STM website found here.

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STM Launches an MCU Series That Uses the New Secure Manager for S…

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