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STM Launches an Automotive AI Edge for State Classification

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Just a few days ago, STMicroelectronics launched a new automotive AI Kit on the Edge for car state classification. The AEKD-AICAR1 is based on long-short term memory (LSTM) recurrent neural network (RNN).

The kit provides car state classifications such as a car parked, a car driving on normal road conditions, a car driving on a bumpy road, or the car swerving or skidding. The idea is an innovation that is to define an ECU detection node with embedded artificial intelligence processing.

The AEKD-AICOR1 houses a SPC58EC chorus 4MB microcontroller, which can acquire discrete acceleration variation on a three-axis reference system. The system can represent a reference for the automotive AI on the edge processing.

It is possible to easily replace the sensor with another one that belongs to ST MEMS family. It also offers the ability to modify the neural network and/or retrain the neural network. The new neural system would then be converted into a library that is executable by the MCU using the SPC-STUDI-AI.

Product Rundown

  • AEKD-AICAR1 -Automotive AI on the edge for car state classification
  • AEK-Con-Sensor – Connector board for SPC5 MCU discovery and MEMS sensor boards in DIL 24 Socket
  • AEK-MCU-C4MLIT1 – MCU discovery board for SPC5 Chorus
  • AEK-LCD-DT028V1 – Display expansion board with resistive touch for Chorus family
  • STEVAL-MKI206V1A – AIS2DW12 adapter board for a standard DIL 24 socket
  • STSW-AUTODEVKIT – AutoDevKit library plugin for SPC5-STUDIO
  • SPC5-STUDIO-AI – Artificial Intelligence (AI) plugin for automotive SPC5 MCUs
  • ADAS/Predictive Maintenance – Application


  • Pretrained neural network code flashed to MCU
  • Classification of four vehicle states, parking, normal road, bumpy and skidding
  • Real-time data collection and processing of MEMS sensor data
  • LCD display for vehicle state
  • ON MEMS disconnection. the system performs classification based on the internal datalog in the MCU flash memory
  • dimensions 18 x 18 x 7 cm
  • Supplied by 12V or eight AA batteries

For further information see the AEKD-AICAR1 product page at the STMicroelectronics website here.

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STM Launches an Automotive AI Edge for State Classification

by Stephen Vicinanza time to read: 1 min