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SMA Delivers a PV Inverter With Power Ratings from 12kW to 25kW For Commercial or Residential

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

At the beginning of the year, the German inverter manufacturer SMA Solar Technologies AG released a hybrid Photovoltaic (PV) inverter: the Sunny Tripower Smart Energy – it was aimed at heat pumps in residential rooftop arrays and charging stations in commercial arrays. In April the company released the Sunny Tripower X inverter.

Coming close on the heels of the original Sunny Tripower series, the Sunny Tripower X series are three-phase inverters set to power PV battery systems from arrays in commercial or residential scenarios up to 135kW.

The Sunny Tripower X devices are connected to the holistic, intelligent energy management system, ennexOS, through a link to SMA’s Sunny Portal. The series offers four inverters rated at 12kW, 15kW, 20kW, and 25kW, for PV rooftop systems up to 135kW in size.

The company reports that the inverters provide grid-compliant power control for entire systems and enable over-dimensioning of PV arrays of up to 150%.

“The new line includes four versions with the power ratings of 12, 15, 20, and 25kW respectively. There are three independent MPP trackers with six string inputs. The power control is over the entire system and is grid-compliant, with PV systems over-dimensioning up to 150%.

Overall, for such an efficient and reduced-sized unit, the Sunny Tripower X can perform on larger systems, with higher power outputs. The housings are 728mm x 762mm x 266mm and weigh 35Kg, about 70lb.  The efficiency rating is 98.3% in the USA and 98.0% in Europe. The maximum input voltage is 1,000V and the MPP voltage range is 206 to 800V. It has an IP65 protection rating and operating temperature from -25C to 60C.

In a statement SMA said. “The innovative enclosure design ensures efficient cooling of the interior components and thus guarantees the maximum lifetime of the system.” And they also commented on the system itself. They spoke to the point. “Thanks to the wide input voltage range and high input current capability, the units are compatible with the latest generation of high-performance PV modules.”

For more information on the SMA Sunny Tripower, systems see the product page

SMA Solar Technologies AG |

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SMA Delivers a PV Inverter With Power Ratings from 12kW to 25kW F…

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