Siborg Systems Launches First-Ever Multilingual Interface for New Budget Model of LCR-Reader

LCR-Reader R3
Written by Kirsten Campbell

The LCR-Reader-R3, a cutting-edge budget model, features a multilingual interface, making it easier for technicians in assembly plants to use, especially since many might not be fluent in English.

Siborg Systems is currently offering a new model that utilizes the same microcontroller as the LCR-Reader-R2 but offers a lower test frequency and, importantly, a lower price point. This new model has been released in April 2024 and was presented at the IPC APEX Expo in Anaheim, further solidifying Siborg Systems’ commitment to innovation and excellence in measurement technology. In addition to a lower price, the new device offers a multilingual user interface, including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Chinese languages. Other languages may be added upon request.

The journey of Siborg Systems began in 2014 with the introduction of the LCR-Reader digital multimeter family, marking a successor to the previously successful Smart Tweezers LCR-meter, which debuted in 2005. This new family of multimeters included the affordable LCR-Reader device, catering to a broader market segment with its user-friendly design and functionality.

Recognizing the demand for improved accuracy and test frequency, Siborg Systems made significant strides in 2017, leading to the development of the LCR-Reader-MP. This innovative tweezer-meter boasted a 100 kHz test frequency and an impressive basic accuracy of 0.1%, setting a new standard in precision measurement. The LCR-Reader-MP officially launched in 2018.

Building upon its success, Siborg Systems embarked on a new project in 2019 aimed at developing a next-generation version of the LCR-Reader-MP. The company focused on reducing the device’s size while enhancing its performance, resulting in the release of the LCR-Reader-MPA in 2020.

The LCR-Reader-MPA proved to be a remarkable achievement, earning the esteemed Product of the Year 2020 Award from Plant Engineering Magazine. This recognition underscored the device’s exceptional quality, innovation, and contribution to the engineering field. With its compact design and improved capabilities, the LCR-Reader-MPA represented a significant advancement in the LCR-Reader product line.

In the same year, a Bluetooth-enabled edition of the LCR-Reader-MPA was launched, streamlining the process of data logging and test report generation.

Simultaneously, in 2020, Siborg Systems embarked on another project to develop a device with even higher frequency capabilities. This initiative culminated in the launch of the high-frequency LCR-meter LCR-Reader-R2, featuring an impressive test frequency of 250 kHz.

The LCR-Reader-R2 introduced Analog Signature Analysis, a cutting-edge tool that enabled comprehensive component testing, including in-circuit tests, giving engineers and technicians an efficient solution for circuit board analysis.

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Siborg Systems Launches First-Ever Multilingual Interface for New…

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