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Segger Embedded Studio Is An All-In-One IDE For Embedded Systems

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Segger’s Embedded Studio is a comprehensive solution for, building, testing, deploying, and managing embedded applications. Because Embedded Studio is an all-in-one solution it creates a smooth, efficient development process, with the robust features that come with the studio. The platform is completely open-source with no restrictions on non-commercial use cases


There are three toolchains in Embedded Studio, SEGGER, GCC, and LLVM, and all are complete and ready to use formats. External toolchains such as IAR or ARM/KEIL compiler are supported. The wide range of toolchains gives the Embedded Studio great flexibility.  The J-Link debug technology quickly debugs new applications.

Software Interface For Debugging

Some of the ready features that save time include,

  • Fast startup
  • Short loading time,
  • Simultaneous setup

Project Importer/External Toolchains

The software supports external toolchains such as the compilers from IAR and Keil, and more. This feature allows the building of applications with the external compiler while simultaneously allowing developers to utilize Embedded Studio’s IDE advanced features for managing projects and debugging capabilities.

Some of those features include

  • External toolchain support
  • Build configurations for multiple toolchains
  • Simple migration to internal toolchains
  • Common IDE’s project importer

Project Management

Managing and organizing all in one place. Embedded Studio comes with a project management system, that is flexible enough to realize just about any project. Multiple project solutions, virtual and dynamic folders, and a property inheritance option enable projects to be set up to fit the developer, not be constrained by the software.

Some of the features of the project management system

  • Management of project sources in a single place
  • Flexible organization in virtual folders
  • Auto-sync within the file system
  • Property inheritance
  • Composed build configurations

Code Editor

Embedded Studio has a built-in editor that is set up in such a way that it developers more than just text editing for coding. The features provide the developer with many features and options to build efficient and innovative applications.

Some of the features of the code editor that go beyond simple text editing include

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Search result highlight
  • Bracket highlight matching
  • Completion of code
  • Code formatter
  • Code folding
  • Code templates
  • Navigation ease
  • Split window toggling
  • Unused code highlighting
  • Visual scrollbar

CPU and Devices

The is expansive support for almost any ARM or RISC-V-based device. Using the Project Wizard and J-Link support, most basic projects are initiated easily with a mouse. For comprehensive projects when the hardware is pre-configured there are the Embedded studio Support Packages. These include memory layout, system initialization, and interrupt vectors.

To read more about the features and aspects of the SEGGER Embedded Studio development kit, access the SEGGER website or click the link to go to the page directly.

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Segger Embedded Studio Is An All-In-One IDE For Embedded Systems…

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