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SEGGER Embedded Studio Adds Support for Renesas RE MCUs

SEGGER Microcontroller has announced that embedded developers can now use SEGGER Embedded Studio IDE with the Renesas RE Family of microcontrollers (MCUs). Embedded Studio is SEGGER’s cross-platform integrated development environment (IDE) for embedded systems development. The editor is quick to start up and the build process is extremely fast, saving precious working hours. Embedded Studio contains SEGGER’s own runtime and floating point libraries, compilers and linkers.

All of these components were developed from the ground up specifically for resource-constrained embedded systems, are extensively used internally at SEGGER, and are continuously updated and developed. SEGGER’s primary development goal is to create fast programs that can easily be tailored to the target system and require as little memory as possible.

Optimizations are made at various stages of the build process to reduce code size and improve execution speed. The linker can make optimal use of the typically small memory of microcontrollers. Code blocks can be distributed over several memory areas and unusable memory locations can be omitted.

Embedded Studio supports all the features that characterize J-Link and J-Trace, such as unlimited breakpoints in flash memory or RTT (Real Time Transfer). For educational and non-commercial purposes, Embedded Studio can be downloaded free of charge and without registration from the SEGGER website:  There are no restrictions in terms of code size, features or duration of use.

According to SEGGER, the power efficiency of the Renesas RE Family of MCUs (including the RE01-256K), combined with the low resource usage of SEGGER software, minimizes, or sometimes even removes, the need to recharge or replace batteries. This combined efficiency could have far reaching effects; for home and building automation, smart farming, factories, a wide range of medical devices, wearable applications and more.

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SEGGER Embedded Studio Adds Support for Renesas RE MCUs

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