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SEGGER Dev Tools Add 64-bit RISC-V Support

SEGGER’s new release of Embedded Studio for RISC-V adds support for 64-bit RISC-V CPUs, including RV64I, RV64G / RV64E and RV64GC / RV64EC with floating-point unit. It comes integrated with SEGGER’s emRun C/C++ runtime and emFloat floating-point libraries, the SEGGER Linker, and the SEGGER Compiler, which together generate compact and highly efficient code. For maximum flexibility and compatibility, the GNU compiler and linker are also included.

Embedded Studio’s built-in debugger natively supports J-Link and a full-fledged simulator, ideal for automated testing. With its integration of the GDB remote protocol Embedded Studio enables the use of 3rd-party debug probes.

As the debug probe of choice for Embedded Studio users, J-Link supports all standard 32- and 64-bit RISC-V cores, including non-intrusive background, system-bus memory access as well as Real-Time Transfer (RTT).

Features also available from within Embedded Studio include direct download into flash memory via an open flash loader interface, giving the RISC-V ecosystem access to SEGGER’s vast catalog of supported flash devices and the opportunity to add flash programming for newly developed devices.

For additional information about RISC-V support from SEGGER visit:

For information about SEGGER Evaluation Software for RISC-V visit:

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SEGGER Dev Tools Add 64-bit RISC-V Support

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