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Secora Connect X: Payment Solution that Enables NFC Wireless Charging for Ultra-small Devices

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Secora Connect X: payment solution that enables NFC wireless charging for ultra-small devices. Infineon has released the SECORA Connect X payment solution for the smart wearable and IoT markets. The addition of New Field Communications (NFC) is adding capabilities that can be used in many markets. The likely places that such technology can be used in paying in retail locations and storefronts, or gaining access to buildings and public transportation.

The SECORA Connect X is a turn-key solution that uses NFC to complete transactions on ultra-small devices, such as wearable badges and other IoT devices. The ultra-low power-boosted NFC opens up a path to ENVCo-based payments.

This payment solution also allows NFC wireless charging for the smart wearable markets, such as smartwatches, smart rings, and wristbands, adding to the user-friendly nature of the technology,

“The next few years will be exciting for the wearables industry as the use of sensors and digitally-enabled devices increases and healthcare becomes a major driver of innovation for wearables,” said Tolgahan Yildiz, Head of Payment Solutions at Infineon’s Connected Secure Systems Division. “NFC wireless charging will become increasingly important to power ever smaller devices, both for increased user convenience and to enable slim designs. Our SECORA Connect X solution supports this trend by turning ultra-small passive wearables – which can be everyday objects such as rings or wristbands – into smart connected devices that enable digital payment transactions.”

ABI Research has predicted that the smart wearable market will approach 700 million units by 2027, growing at a very healthy CAGR of 12.8 percent. With chronic illness in such areas as cardiovascular disease and obesity on the rise, the demand for wearables is increasing in many sectors. Included in those devices are the Oura Ring and Whoop Band fitness trackers which are extremely popular.

Many of the trends for wearables and payments, in general, are towards fast, and convenient options, which is a prompt for developers to build more IoT devices that offer contact-free payment options that offer a seamless payment experience.

The SECORA Connect X boosted NFC solution offers NFC charging for ultra-small devices, ultra-low-power consumption for longer battery life, and an ultra-small form factor to allow for more components for use in computations or data collection.

To find out more about the Infineon SECORA Connect X boosted NFC solution see the product page at Infineon’s website here.

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Secora Connect X: Payment Solution that Enables NFC Wireless Char…

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