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R&S Bring Automotive Radar Testing To Three Critical Areas

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

R&S brings automotive radar testing to three critical areas. Rhode and Schwarz (R&S) provide manufacturers, suppliers of components, and testing facilities with the latest in test and measurement equipment. There are three critical types of testing equipment focused on the automotive radar.

  • Echo Generators
  • Radome Testers
  • Radar Test Chambers

Echo Generators

AREG800A is an echo generator that is coupled with the QAT100 advanced antenna array to provide an innovative enabler of testing for radar sensors in automobiles. When these two devices are operated together they can generate artificial objects, that tell individual object distance, object size, angular direction, and radial velocity. As a first in the industry, this enables realistic driving scenarios for automotive radar sensors during development and ADAS/AD feature testing.

To find out more about the echo generators at R&S check out the product page here.

Radome Testers

The detection of nearby objects is vital to autonomous vehicles. The sensors that perform this critical job can be cameras and lidar sensors, but the most sensitive is the radar sensor. The radome, or radar dome, that covers these sensors, is dark but allows RF signals to pass through it to the sensor. These domes are more for appearances rather than functionality, but they play an integral role in allowing the sensor to work effectively.

Many times the plastic bumper is used as a radome or the plastic grille emblem. In order to check the material type, shape, and thickness, especially in the case of grille emblems that vary greatly from automaker to automaker, the Radome tester is an essential tool in the radar testing package.

QAR quality automotive radome tester

  • Radar independent quality test with no need for a golden device
  • intuitive operation
  • result interpretation
  • supports 77 GHz and 79 GHz radar bands
  • supports all form factors up to 30 cm x 50 cm
  • measurements are comparable to a vector network analyzer.

For more in-depth information on the R&S radome Testers available see the product page here.

Radar Test Chamber

The ATS1500C antenna test chamber is a transportable compact antenna test range (CATR), consisting of a gold-plated parabolic reflector and a two-axis positioner for 3D movements of the DUT. When combined with the AREG800A and other testing equipment it can be used for a wide range of applications, such as radar validation, interference testing, ETSI RED and FCC in band pre-compliance testings, angular calibration, and antenna characterization. The AREG800A or a universal WR12 waveguide feedthrough can be utilized for testing with other instruments such as a signal and spectrum analyzer.

For a closer look at the ATS1500C go to the product page here.

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R&S Bring Automotive Radar Testing To Three Critical Areas

by Stephen Vicinanza time to read: 2 min