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Riots Is A Microcontroller and Sensor Family, with a Mama and Little Babies

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Riots were born of a need to control the mass of wires for the founder’s many IoT things. It is a Microcontroller and sensor family that utilizes plug-and-play hardware, software, and cloud-based technology to create smart, energy-efficient homes and businesses.

The question that gave rise to the company Riot’s Instruments Inc. was “Is there a way to control and monitor our environment and devices remotely with a cost-effective, minimalistic, practical solution?

From this question came a solution. The Riot’s Platform.

Riots Platform is made up of a Riot’s Mama, an internet gateway, and a number of Riots Babies, network nodes ( Riots Gyro, Riots, Light, Riot Air). A single Riots Mama can manage hundre4ds of uniquely tasked Riots Babies. The Babies control and monitor the environment.

There is also Riots Cloud which in addition to secure monitoring and controlling also supports remote development, over-the-air updates, and debugging. Wireless reprogramming of Riots products can be accomplished through Riots Cloud

Some of the key attributes of the Riots products are

  • Accessible to both the novice and the established programmer
  • Pre-programmed for immediate usability
  • Open source and open hardware
  • Compatioble with Arduino right from the box
  • Re-configurable software and hardware
  • No soldering or wiring
  • Wireless integration
  • Secure communication
  • Riots Cloud Free for the basic user
  • Wireless and cloud based programming and debugging
  • Fully customizable, and scalable network
  • Each device has its own unique task and singular purpose
  • Small form factor

The Riots Solution manages the many Things in its IoT world by forming networks that link and identify things, via the Riots Mamas and Babies. The basic make-up of a Riots Mama or Baby is a Riots Product. A Riots product is built on a Riots Base and a Riots Core. These products are accessible through the local network or the Riots cloud.

The Riots Base contains the sensor or controller. A sensor detects or measures a unique property, while a controller regulates something within a designated range (such as voltage range in a DC Controller).

The Riots Core is the brain of the product. It is a microcontroller based on the Arduino platform. This core is used in all Riots Products.

When a Riots Core is connected to a Riots Base it creates a Riots Product. Applications that are fully functional include sensors for light, air, motion, and buttons, DC controllers, USB and Ethernet connectors

When Riots Products are connected to the Riots Cloud it is called a Riots Solution. In this secure, user-friendly Riots Cloud data is stored, and management of the deployed Riots Products is allowed. There can be remote development, over-the-air updates, and remote debugging of all Riots Products through Riots Cloud. This Riots experience can be accessed across a user’s many internet-accessible devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. This makes monitoring of the user’s Things simple and straightforward.

Riots Instruments information can be found on the website It is a Finnish company Headquartered in the Netherland but making a splash in the USA.

Riots Instruments Inc |

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Riots Is A Microcontroller and Sensor Family, with a Mama and Lit…

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