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Renesas’s RX23W Group of Tiny Microcontrollers has Bluetooth 5 LE and Aimed at Medical Patches

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Renesas is developing its portfolio of microcontrollers (MCUs) that have Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy modules so vital to the internet of things (IoT) in such applications as monitors, medicinal patches, industrial controls, and smart homes.

The development of the RX23W group of MCUs incorporates security functions that are so important to Bluetooth 5.0 and IoT devices. The RX23W family has a wealth of peripheral functionality, including touch keys, USB, and CAN. This enables system control and wireless communication with devices utilizing a single chip.

The RX23W family of MCUs has full function support for Bluetooth 5.0 low-energy long-range and mesh networking and back that up with excellent reception performance.

The RX23W lineup includes a module with a built-in antenna and oscillator.  That enables the many MCU peripheral functions p[ins while maintaining the industry’s smallest overall footprint for a module. The module has obtained the Radio Law (Japan), FCC/ISED (North America), and CE (Europe) certifications. This saves developers from having to design a separate RF circuit or obtaining certification separately on their own, which reduces time to market and Bill-of-Materials.  

Key Features of the RX23W Group are

  • RXv2 core 54MHz operation (4.33 CoreMark/MHz) single-precision FPU
  • 1.8 to 3.6V operating voltage
  • -40° to 85°C Operating Temperature
  • Flash 512KB, SRAM up to 64KB
  • Capacitive Touch Sensing
    • Self-Capacitive method: 1 terminal 1-key configuration for up to 12 keys
    • Mutual capacitive method: 12 terminal matrix configurations for up to 36 keys
  • Enhanced Analog
    • 12-bit A/D converter with 14 channels
    • 12-bit D/A converter with 2 channels
  • Trusted Secure IP Lite (AES/TRNG)
  • Size 6.1mm x 9.5mm, 0.5 mm pitch (83-pin LGA)


  • USB 2.0 Host/Function/OTG (One Channel)
    • Full speed (12Mbps), low speed (1.5 Mbps)
      • Isochronous transfer
    • Battery charger (BC) support
  • CAN (One Channel)
    • ISO11898-1 Compliant CAN, transfer up to 1Mbps
  • SD Host I/F (On channel)
    • SD Memory/SDIO 1 – or SD bus support at 4-bit

Bluetooth Low Energy (One channel)

  • Bluetooth 5.0-compliant RF transceiver and link layer, built-in
  • Supports
    • LE 1M PHY
    • LE 2M PHY
    • LE Coded PHY, (125kbps, 500kbps)
    • LE advertising extensions
  • Bluetooth dedicated AES-CCM (128-bit) encryption circuit built-in


Renesas is stating the many uses of the RX23W Group of MCUs fall into some broad categories. Some of those categories are AC/DC Non-isolated capacitive touch wall switch, Bluetooth Low Energy for the RX family, IEC61508 functional safety solution, medical patch, Bluetooth low energy wireless, and security.

Datasheets and instruction sets can be found on the RX23W product page.

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Renesas’s RX23W Group of Tiny Microcontrollers has Bluetooth 5 …

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